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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental

The first AI institute dedicated to oral health with a mission to bring together the resources and talents in dental AI  to assist professionals in providing the best possible care for patients.


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France’s AI Strategy

In line with the French government’s AI Strategy, the Biotech Dental Group launches IAI by BD (the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental), the only AI institute dedicated to dental care.

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French PM’s Generative AI Committee

The French Prime Minister installed France’s first ever generative AI committee. Two members of the board of IAI by BD (the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental) met with one of its members.

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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence
by Biotech Dental

For over 10 years, the Biotech Dental Group has made strategic investments and recruitments that have enabled it to carefully integrate artificial intelligence into its production chain, solutions, and services.

We, at the Biotech Dental Group, view AI as new technology to assist dental care professionals in their daily activities to free them from time-consuming tasks and therefore better focus on patient needs. Our group has constantly innovated while keeping the practitioner and their patients at the heart of the oral health ecosystem. AI is the logicial next step to personalize and improve dental health care.

Our Smilers 4.0 factory, opened earlier in 2023, fully leverages AI and illustrates Biotech Dental Group’s commitment to continuous innovation in offering the best products and services to dental care professionals and the patients.

The first institute dedicated to dental AI is an important step in building the future of dentistry.

IAI by BD's missions

Community impact

Through its content creation and event organizing efforts, IAI by BD will enable dental care professionals and the general public to discover the latest advances in AI for dentistry and oral health.

Scientific & Clinical collaborations

IAI by BD is a research hub where experts from all over the world will work together to ensure that AI provides the best possible support to practitioners, promoting an innovative, dynamic and collaborative ecosystem.

Regulation & AI governance

Through our participation in various national and international initiatives in AI regulation and governance, we ensure that the solutions we develop comply with the current regulation, while shaping futur guidelines for a safe and ethical use of AI in dentistry.

Protect the planet

Our Group has always been committed to sustainable development. By using advanced AI systems, we can design dental solutions that are more sustainable and minimize our carbon footprint. IAI by BD is also working on pruning its AI models to minimize data processing and storage as well as energy consumption.

An interdisciplinary team

To better anticipate and respond to the challenges of integrating artificial intelligence everyday dental care practice, IAI by BD is structured into 4 departments led by experts in dentistry, regulation, data science and AI.

Photographie Olivia Veran

Dr. Olivia VERAN

R&D and Clinical Affairs

Photographie de Delphine Mercier - département gouvernance et régulation de l'IA

Delphine MERCIER

AI governance & regulation

Photographie Aurore Louche, Biotech Dental


Sustainable development & social impact

Photographie Jalal Fatouh, Biotech Dental


Training & upskilling

Biotech Dental Group

#1 in dentistry in Europe, Biotech Dental Group is a French designer and manufacturer of medical devices and digital solutions for dentists, orthodontists and dental prosthesis laboratories. We are on a mission to provide the best dental care for patients. 
Our Group’s main mission is to empower dental professionals with the best products and services to constantly improve the quality of care to the patients thanks to our innovative “Made in France”.

Our ambition, by supporting and assisting all dental care professionals is to transform the smiles of their patients. 

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