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“Shaping the future of dental AI:
Together let’s improve research and quality of care”

As CEO and founder of the Biotech Dental Group, it is my great pleasure to introduce the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental (IAI by BD).  

Our institute stands as the pioneer in merging artificial intelligence with oral healthcare. IAI by BD embodies our group’s dedication and investment in artificial intelligence, aiming to deliver cutting-edge solutions that elevate the level of care dental practitioners can offer.

With a track record of over three decades in the dental sector and a decade-plus focusing on artificial intelligence research and development, we have harnessed AI to enhance Biotech Dental Group’s offerings and streamline our manufacturing processes as illustrated by Biotech Dental Digital and our Smilers 4.0 factory, launched in the spring of 2023, which also houses IAI by BD headquarters.

Our commitment extends beyond dentistry, with a firm belief in AI’s broader societal benefits. This is why we dedicate a substantial portion of our work on AI regulation and governance in the European Union, the United States, and other regions we serve.

Our institute aims to bolster research and disseminate AI knowledge, fostering technological advancement while advocating for AI systems that are responsible, ethical, and fair.

IAI by BD was established to maintain our group’s core values amidst the AI revolution: to continuously innovate while prioritizing the needs of dental healthcare providers and their patients within the oral health ecosystem.

At the heart of our group and IAI by BD is the belief that AI should empower dental care professional by offloading time-consuming taks, thus allowing them to concentrate on what matters the most: delivering the best care to patients.

We recognize the need for regulation, fairness and inclusion to realize AI’s full potential responsibly. In addition to our AI governance and regulatory effort, we work on pruning our AI models, optimizing our data processing and storage practices to be aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals.

In collaboration with top organizations and researchers around the world – in and beyond the dental care sector – we strive to harness collective wisdom, paving the way for oral health specialists to jointly shape the future of dental science and oral health thanks to AI.

I firmly believe that today’s students are the innovators of tomorrow, hence we commit to nurturing emerging talent by offering access to our content to all students.

As we embark on this exciting journey, I welcome partnerships to forge an innovative, inclusive, and inspiring future.

Welcome to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental, where our commitment to supporting oral health professionals and delivering the best dental care to patient will always remain at the forefront of our innovative and responsible approach to AI.

Philippe Veran, Founder and CEO, Biotech Dental Group 

Salon-de-Provence, France, November 2023


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