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French PM's Generative AI Committee

The French Prime Minister installed the France first ever generative AI committee. Two members of the board of IAI by BD (the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental) met with one of its members.

During an event organised by the Richelieu Committee in Paris, Prof. Olivier Oullier (Chairman of the IAI by BD board) and Jean-Baptiste Jaussaud (Member of the IAI by BD board) had the opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges of artificial intelligence regulation and governance with Gilles Babinet, who came to introduce the newly founded PM’s Generative AI Committee of which he is a member. 
The members of the IAI by BD board highlighted the key role to be played by France in the ongoing work on the European regulation of artificial intelligence, within the European Commission and Parliament in Brussels. They also presented our Institute’s roadmap, the only one dedicated to AI in the dental world.
In order to update France’s national strategy for AI, to inform the Government’s decisions on AI regulation and governance and to make France a country at the forefront of this technological revolution, Prime minister Elisabeth Borne installed the her very first generative artificial intelligence Committee in September 2023.
Philippe Aghion, economist expert in innovation;
Anne Bouverot, chairman of the ENS board of directors.
Gilles Babinet, President of France National Digital Committee (Conseil National du Numérique).
Joëlle Barral, Scientific Director Google.
Alexandra Bensamoun, Professor of Law.
Nozha Boujemaa, co-president of the OCDE AI expert group & Digital Trust Officer Décathlon.
Bernard Charlès, CEO Dassault Systèmes.
Luc Julia, Chief Science Officer Renault Group.
Yann Le Cun, VP and Chief AI Scientist Meta.
Arthur Mensch, founder  Mistral AI.
Cédric O, consultant and former Minister of Digital.
Isabelle Ryl, Director Paris Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (PRAIRIE, INRIA).
Franca Salis-Madinier, National secretary of the CFDT Cadres in charge of Europe, digital, artificial intelligence and whistleblower protection.
Martin Tisné, Co-founder OP.
Gaël Varoquaux, researcher in computer science.
Establishment of the generative artificial intelligence Committee (2018):
More about the committee
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In line with the French government’s AI Strategy, the Biotech Dental Group launches IAI by BD (the Institute for Artificial Intelligence by Biotech Dental), the only AI institute dedicated to dental care.

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